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2014 EFCA Worship Leader Network Gathering

October 14–16, 2014
Cran-Hill Ranch in Rodney, MI

Network with fellow EFCA worship pastors and leaders at the annual EFCA Worship Leader Network Gathering. The event is open to full-time, part-time and volunteer worship pastors and leaders in EFCA churches. The event is free, but travel and lodging are not covered.

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TREK7 2015

College age young adults are finding communities on mission in some of the most remarkable place on Earth. Learning from ReachGlobal’s missional practitioners, participants gain skills in a wide spectrum of ministries while growing a heart for God and people.

Spend seven weeks in places like Berlin, Bangkok, Kolkata, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, China, New Orleans, Minneapolis, and Congo.

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Church Payroll Reporting Change

FCMM Benefits & Retirement advises churches to review their payroll reporting in 2014 if individual health insurance is being paid. Affordable Care Act regulations have redefined employer payment or reimbursement of individual health insurance premiums to be taxable income. Only employer-provided group health insurance can be provided as pre-tax benefit.

It will be essential for churches to report this income properly. Affected staff should be prepared for the resulting tax liability.

FCMM suggests that churches make sure their W-2 reporting and associated 941 payroll tax reporting are brought into compliance this year, and that the church strive to keep staff “whole” on the increased tax liability they will experience.

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Presidential Search Applications Due

The Presidential Search Committee will receive applications for the position of EFCA president until September 17. Please prayerfully consider any candidate you would recommend, keeping in mind the time necessary for the candidate to complete the application. Likewise, if you plan to submit an application, please do so as soon as possible.

All inquiries related to the presidential search can be sent to

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Evangelism is Relationships Training

October 4, 2014
Harvest Evangelical Free Church in Story City, IA

God wants to use you to make a difference for Him in your world. But where do you start?

You start right where you are.

In the Evangelism is Relationships training experience, you will learn to live a biblical process for impacting your world like Jesus. Register today for this great training opportunity in tandem with Cadre Ministries.

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Rebound 2014

Join EFCA youth workers and their spouses (if applicable) for this four-day retreat designed for renewal and encouragement. Chris Brown, a senior pastor at North Coast Church (EFCA) in Vista, Calif., and Patrick Severson, pastor of worship ministries at Faith Evangelical Free Church in Grand Forks, N.D., will be the featured speaker and worship leader. Sign up today – space is limited.

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Larger ministry contexts bring greater complexity. Learn more about this round table discussion and affinity group designed to encourage, sharpen and network EFCA student ministry pastors of ministries averaging more than 100 students.

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CCDA National Conference

September 24–27, 2014
Raleigh/Durham, NC

Registration is still open for the 2014 CCDA national conference September 24–27 in Raleigh/Durham, N.C. Join Dr. Alvin Sanders, associate executive director of EFCA ReachNational, and other EFCA leaders at this annual gathering centered on best practices in Christian community development.

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Completing the Handoff

Gifted pastors are like gifted runners: They may excel at what they are trained to do, but how many are naturally equipped to navigate the complexities of a pastoral hand off? Here’s our story.

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Ebola Education by Bullhorn

When life and death are at stake, people listen. But this Evangelical Free Church of West Africa pastor is not condemning passersby – as many other African churches are blaming the Ebola pandemic on sinful behavior – rather, he is teaching proper hygiene practices that will dramatically decrease the spread of the deadly EVD.

Read more about the EFCW efforts and how you can help.

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Persecuted Christians

ISIS’ terror has displaced thousands of Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria. ReachGlobal’s MENA division alongside Crisis Response are on-the-ground working with refugees and encouraging ministry partnerships.

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The Integration of Church and School

It is not unusual for an evangelical church to have public-school families, home-school families and private-school families all worshiping together. This educational diversity can, of course, be a strength. But at the same time, it can create two problems that church leaders need to guard against.

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