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Haiti Consortium

September 24–26, 2014
Constance Free Church, Andover, MN

The vision and mission of the Haiti Consortium is huge! But ReachGlobal and our partners’ approach is long term, focusing on kingdom transformation of people and culture.

Hear the vision and mission of the Haiti Consortium, and register today to attend the Haiti Summit.

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CCDA National Conference

September 24–27, 2014
Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina

The Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) is a network of Christians committed to seeing people and communities holistically restored.

Each year, the CCDA National Conference draws over 2,500 people from around the world to share in best practices of Christian community development. The 2014 CCDA National Conference theme is “Flourish.” Join Dr. Alvin Sanders, associate executive director of EFCA ReachNational, and others from the EFCA at this great gathering!

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2014 EFCA Worship Leader Network Gathering

October 14–16, 2014
Cran-Hill Ranch, Rodney, Mich.

The EFCA Worship Leader Network Gathering is an opportunity to connect with fellow EFCA worship pastors and leaders. Be sure to attend this annual event that drew more than 80 worship leaders from around the country last year.

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FUEGO – Set Fire to Your Calling

August 29–September 1, 2014
San Antonio, TX

FUEGO is about experiencing a deeper relationship with God and with one another. Join Dr. Alejandro Mandes, director of Immigrant Mission for the EFCA, in San Antonio and be equipped to make a tangible impact in and through the Hispanic community.

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Journey to Jesus DVD Curriculum

Muslims from around the world are moving into our neighborhoods, working in the same companies, and studying alongside us in schools. This is an amazing act of God as He brings these precious people into our sphere of influence. Many Muslim neighbors may struggle with language barriers or feel lonely after leaving family behind in their home countries. Or, in the case of refugees find themselves fearful or suspicious of American culture. For others, they may be curious about Christianity and pursuing Jesus.

Whatever the case may be, “Journey to Jesus” is the perfect starting point for helping Christians connect with all types of Muslims (cultural and conservative). Wheaton College developed the DVD curriculum that is available to purchase.

Through this resource, your church or small group will be equipped to reach out to people of other faiths, build meaningful relationships with them, and effectively move them toward Christ.

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Challenge Conference

Thank you for your prayers and interest in Challenge 2014. The stories we saw and heard in Kansas City showcase the amazing God we serve! You can check out all that happened in Kansas City via the Challenge blog and posted videos.

Mark your calendars – Challenge 2016 will be held July 3–7, 2016 in Louisville, Ky. Challenge is a catalytic environment challenging students to live on mission with God every day, everywhere, forever. Join us!

As you prepare for a new year in student ministries, connect with EFCA ReachStudents for networking, training, coaching, and momentum building events for youth workers and students. The ReachStudents blog and the ReachStudents Update are great ways to stay informed.

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Building a Great Team

Attend Sticky Teams on October 20–21, 2014 and learn how to build a great team. Hear from Larry Osborne, Matt Chandler, Mike Erre, Chris Brown and many more. This conference is designed to give you one-on-one access to all speakers and ministry experts where you’ll be able to get your specific ministry questions asked and answered.

EFCA members receive special conference pricing—save $50 dollars with code EFCA1 to receive discounted pricing.

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TWU starting collaborative Chinese culture program

Trinity Western University and the Cihang Group signed an agreement for collaborative program delivery at TWU Richmond, British Columbia. The Cihang Group will work with TWU to deliver community and university courses in areas related to Chinese traditional culture, history, language, and medicine.

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Serving with Faith in Ukraine

With the violent end of Malaysian flight 17, the conflict in Ukraine has gained more international notice. However, the lives lost in that flight represent only a portion of the lives being impacted by the conflict. The Logos Center in Kiev, originally founded to minister to orphans, those suffering from poor health, and the homeless, has added a new ministry in recent days—caring for refugees who have fled from the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

Watch this video to learn more about the Kiev Logos Center.

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Is Your Pastor Stunting Your Creativity?

What do you do, worship pastor, when your vision for your role seems stifled by an unwillingness to grow and change? Hear some advice at EFCA Now from one former worship pastor.

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God Speaks to My Entire Family

“I must confess,” admits Joe Schimmels, “that ‘leading my family’ used to mean that I invested time in study and prayer and then delivered the spiritual goods as we sat around the living room. But this way of life is not reproducible, because they are dependent upon me. I want my kids to have more than biblical information; I want them to read the Bible to relate to the person of Jesus.” Hear more of what Joe has to say at EFCA Today.

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